Your Private Cloud Storage

To have your own storage platform, there is no need to rely on someone else. With today's technology, you can use the computers and phones that you already have to operate your personal cloud.

Our software securely replicates data across all these devices and creates a cloud, which belongs to you and does not require any service providers.

Data Privacy and Protection by Design

All your data are stored only on the devices you own. The instances of data are all equal, you do not need any appliances or servers.

Replication between computers and devices is peer-to-peer, the data are never stored or transmitted anywhere else.

The full history of your files is registered in a blockchain, so versions can be tracked, changes can be monitored, and integrity of data can be guaranteed.

Access Data from Anywhere

Have your files directly on your devices and synchronize them automatically each time they are updated.

Access files online through a web browser.